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Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Tanzania, our tourism company is dedicated to providing unimaginable journeys that redefine the limits of exploration.
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We are thrilled to have you join us on an exciting journey into the world of exploration and exhilarating experiences. As a Swahili word for climb, “Panda” perfectly encapsulates our commitment to taking you on incredible adventures that will uplift your spirits and enrich your soul.
At Panda Adventures Safari Company, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable memories through our exceptional safari expeditions. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or embarking on your first safari, our team of experienced guides and passionate explorers are here to take care of every detail, ensuring your trip is nothing short of extraordinary.
Join us in creating extraordinary moments, forging lasting connections, and immersing yourself in the magic of Africa. Let us take you on a captivating journey where each step brings you closer to nature and where the spirit of adventure thrives.
Welcome to Panda Adventures Safari Company – where dreams of climbing to new heights are made a reality. Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!
Karibu sana! (Swahili for “You are very welcome!”)


We have a team of experienced, knowledgeable and friendly guides to assist you on your safari.


Get a chance to tailor-make your safari based on your inclination and dreams.


From traditional safari to full luxury safari, we can provide a safari that fits your budget.


We are dedicated, passionate and committed to helping you achieve your wildest dreams.

Popular Tanzania vacation itineraries

For inspiration, you can find some of the most popular travel itineraries below. Many of our clients like to finish their happy safari with a few days rest on one of Zanzibar’s most beautiful beaches. Do you feel this way too?

You can find the full list of Tanzania vacations on our Tanzania travel page. Of course, we can create an itinerary according to your needs.

We help you Achieve your wildest dreams.


Karibuni Tanzania! (Welcome to Tanzania) – a nation full of momentous highlights as well as exceptional characteristic attractions and domestic to over 120 tribes with more than 120 distinctive dialects.


The Ngorongoro Conservation Authority (NCAA) is a wildlife management agency under the government of Tanzania dedicated to managing the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (also known as NCA) and preserving its natural beauty, while making it the pinnacle of the world. -class travel destination - your best bet for your future vacation is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


Serengeti National Park is a World Heritage Site teeming with wildlife: over 2 million ungulates, 4000 lions, 1000 leopard, 550 cheetahs and some 500 bird species inhabit an area close to 15,000 square kilometers in size. Join us on a safari and explore the endless Serengeti plains dotted with trees and kopjes from which majestic lions control their kingdom; gaze upon the Great Migration in awe or find an elusive leopard in a riverine forest. Or perhaps see everything from a bird’s-eye view and soar over the plains at sunrise during a hot air balloon safari. Accommodation options come in every price range - the sound of lions roaring at night is complimentary.


Slightly off the popular northern Tanzania Safari Circuit, the park lies between the meadows of Masai Steppe to the south east and the lakes of the Great Rift Valley to the north and west. Within the northern part of Tarangire is the permanent River Tarangire also known as the life-line of the park particularly in the dry season when most of the region is totally dry. This flows northwards until it exits the park in the northwestern corner to pour into Lake Burungi. There are a number of wide swamps which dry into green plains during the dry season in the south.

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